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6 Reasons Why Online Shopping Saves More than Time

Does online shopping lead to bigger savings than shopping in a store? You bet it does. When comparing online shopping to brick and mortar counterparts, online excursions emerge the clear winner for more than mere convenience; this particular shopping method also saves oodles of cash in six remarkably specific ways.


  • Instant comparison

Instead of trudging around to several different stores in search of the best deal, online shopping gives bargain hunters the best prices instantaneously. A quick search gives buyers different items, prices and buying options, enabling a consumer to maximize his/her shopping cost.

  • Online coupons

Online shopping gives internet trekkers easy-to-use coupon codes for valuable savings for things like free shipping and other discounts, leading to bigger and better savings compared to traditional shopping methods, even when combined with clipped coupons. In addition, merchants riding high on the social media wave have been known to promote incredible deals unique to their devoted Facebook and Twitter fans, making online shopping a powerful and legitimate money saver.

  • Rebate portals

If improved coupon savings didn’t make you want to ditch in store shopping altogether, rebate portals are powerful persuaders. These websites collaborate with popular online merchants, paying consumers cash back on a percentage of an entire online purchase (not just one or two items) , oftentimes increasing overall savings by more than 10 percent.

  • Variety and selection

Online retailers offer variety and diversity that consumers would normally have to go to several different locations to find, in one easy-to-find, online format. This saves loads of time, and (as we all know) time is money. You can get everything on your online list in a quarter of the time it would take to visit a store and dig through racks or hunt down items on shelves, leaving your time available for more productive uses.

  • It keeps you honest

Shopping online is better than shopping in store with a calculator. As you add things to your virtual cart, you see a running total of all your purchases. This helps even the most compulsive spender keep harmful impulse buys at bay, without any surprises at the register. You see exactly what you are spending, and can add and remove items from your cart, guilt free.

  • Fuel

Fuel and wear and tear on a car all add up to unnecessary cost when comparing online shopping to repeat in store trips, making online shopping a clear, hands down winner, for an nearly unrelated reason.

The next time you are tempted to jump in the car and explore your local store, why not check out the prices online? You might just become a money saving, bargain hunting addict once you recognize the winning strategy of online shopping giving you both savings and convenience –all from the comfort of your own couch.

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