Different Types of Online Shopping Reviews

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You are aware of the importance of online shopping reviews for your business but do you know the types of reviews that are available? If your answer is no, then read on. Generally, online reviews are segregated into two different kinds, product reviews, and store reviews or seller ratings.

What Is A Product Review?

This is a specific review of an individual product or a product set. Product review is also known as Product Rating or Customer Reviews. This review helps buyers understand the specific product in detail. For example, the fit, description, quality, and usability of a product can be reviewed by customers. This review usually helps anyone intending to buy it get a clearer picture of how the product could work for them. Product reviews usually appear on a company’s individual product page, Google shopping advert or a Rich Snippet in Google’s organic search result.

What is a Store Review or Seller Ratings?

Better known as Google Seller Ratings or Seller Feedback, a company review is a review of a company as a whole. This review is usually written by customers who have used the services of the company. The company reviews many not include details of the individual product offered but of the company and user’s experience with it.

What is the difference between verified and unverified reviews?

There are two kinds of reviews Verified and Unverified Reviews. Let us look at each one in detail to understand how they work.

Verified Reviews

These reviews hold more importance than its counterpart. The Verified reviews are authentic reviews because most often, the customer who has made a purchase is capable of writing it. The reviewer may have to produce a proof of purchase and this review is guaranteed to be a genuine review.

Unverified Reviews

As its name suggests, unverified reviews do not have the authenticity of a verified review. This means that anybody can write this review and there is no confirmation if the reviewer has actually used the product. Therefore, this kind of review does not hold much importance.

Google Verified Reviews

These reviews are collected by Google Licensed Review Partners, who send the review data to Google. These reviews appear in Google Shopping or Google Ads. The Google Verified Reviews are usually collected by means of a review invitation and accompanying details such as name, email id and order id.

Reviews can be collected at different places on a website. In order to do well in your business, it is vital that you collect reviews for your company as well as products. So, go ahead get online reviews now.   

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